The Foundation of Abdullabhai Abdul kader Group (AAK Group) was laid in the year 1869. Today we are one of the leading procurers, processors, manufacturers, developers, exporters and importers of agro based products like natural gums, oils, vegetable seeds, guar gum seeds, guar gum powder, cereals, spices, dry fruits and fruit pulps. We are a Government Recognized Export House that imports and exports the most important Indian medicinal herbs, herbal extracts, natural food colors, synthetic food colors, chemicals and various other products.

We initially started our business as “Merchant Exporters” and have constantly poured in our hard work, inspiration, loyalty and faith for its development. We have learned a lot from our valuable suppliers and buyers with whose co-ordination and co-operation we have been able to make a good deal in import and export of wide range of products. Since its inception, the “AAK Group” has been constantly been improvising its methods and technologies for producing and marketing the best quality products as a result of which it was honored by number of associations, achievements and awards.

Since the development of our country after 1950, many small scale industries were established, which provoked us to explore many different lines of business and simultaneously got opportunities to promote sales of our goods in different parts of the world. This led us to develop ourselves in the fields of Cosmetics, Ceramics, Dyes, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles & Handicraft industries.

In 1980 many steps were being taken to expose our heritage. At that time we got good opportunities for selling the handicrafts, brassware, bronze wares, marble, granites and various other kinds of products. Presently we are engaged in conducting research in the fields of Natural Hydrocolloids, Agricultural production and making their valuable properties available to wide range of industries for the purpose of making easier the production, processes and improving the quality of the end products from the source of procuring to marketing.

We are an ISO 22000-2005 certified company having completely equipped laboratories in which all the raw materials, semi finished and finished products are tested on the basis of strict quality control. Our products correspond to the International quality standards like UN Food & Agriculture Organization, FDA, FD&C, EU & WHO specifications and KOSHER and HALAL Certifiable Products.

Technical problems are solved individually by us and also in co-operation with the customer by giving them the detailed information on the products application and by the development of new products. Co-operation has proved an effective principle for the mutual benefit of all branches of industry involved. We believe in learning and educating ourselves about our product on a regular basis to meet customer’s requirements.

The “Best Quality at Competitive Price” is an added advantage our customers get with our products. This is an important ingredient for our long lasting relationship with our respected customers. At AAK we have prompt delivery schedules, most advanced plant and unique packaging methods that are regularly maintained by us. We regularly export our products to American, European, African, Middle East and Far East countries.

We seek to distinguish ourselves in the terms of Quality, Innovation, Flexibility and Expert Consultation.