We provide high quality food grade alkalized cocoa powder that can be used in variety of consumable products. Our cocoa powder is supplied for various industrial applications as well exported to different global destinations. It is prepared with alkalizing agent that improves the solubility of the powder and also increase the dilution property. The powder is available in Mild Reddish Brown color. Our production goes through a strict quality check and in constant R&D to provide the best quality Cocoa powder to our valued customers.

Colour Mild Reddish Brown
Butter content 11 ± 1% I0CCC,115-1990
pH 7.3 – 7.6
Ash content less than 12.5% IOCCC,4a-1973
Flavour Cocoa aroma free from foreign odours and taints
Moisture content less than 4.5% IOCCC,3/1952;105-1988
Sediment test over 6 minutes to settle 0.25 ml per litre
Shell content less than 1.75% AOAC,13.021
Lipase & proteinase free from active lipase and proteinase
Standard plate count less than 5,000 col/g IOCCC,118-1990 No.2
Mould & Yeasts less than 50 col/g IOCCC,118-1990 No.7
E . coli in 1 g absent IOCCC,118-1990 No.4
Salmonellae in 100 g absent IOCCC,118-1990 No.8
Enterobacteriaceae in 1 g absent IOCCC,118-1990 No.5
Packing export quality packing in 25 kg multi wall kraft paper bag
with an inner PE moisture barrier
Notes other range of pH, fat contents and colour can be considered
and produced on request
This products is not subject to sterilization by fumigation or irradiation